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About - KT Blue Board Plastering

Our staff of full-time specialists includes drywall hangers, plasterers, carpenters, painters, masons, framers, and scheduling and support personnel. Every one of our staff members is dedicated to expediting your residential or commercial project. Quality and service are the cornerstones upon which KT Blue Board Plastering was founded.

KT Blue Board Plastering is owned and operated by Kenneth Taylor. Kenneth is a native of Waltham Massachusetts, and a graduate of Waltham Senior High. After graduating, he started KT Blue Board Plastering. He currently resides in Nashua.

Kenneth’s reputation for quality and service is excellent. Over the years, he has been recruited for a number of large commercial contracts including the full spectrum of construction trades based on that reputation. Kenneth also services small residential customers, taking pride in overseeing each job personally. He has been in the construction trade in the Nashua area for more than 15 years.


Knowing Your Blue Board

Knowing Your Blue Board

Top Asked Questions About Blue Board Installation in NH Here at KT Blue Board, we’ve been helping customers since 1987.…

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